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Brand Photo Sessions

"Reset Retreat"

“We Get You, You Got This” show by Rita Goodroe and Esther Boykin:

Rita Goodroe, coach and owner of “Rita Made Me Do It”:

“Irina surpassed all expectations. Everyone was just squealing and cheering for their photos. She really knows what she’s doing and she can bring out exactly the message you are looking for. I would absolutely recommend Irina to any woman entrepreneur who’s looking for images to really capture her message and appeal to her audience

Esther Boykin, therapist and owner of “Group Therapy Associates” :

“Working with Irina was like a dream. She was kind and funny and really compassionate to those of us who may be less comfortable in front of the camera, and really helped bring out each person’s individuality. Working with Irina is worth every single penny.”

"Success Summit Seminar"

Steve Black, founder of

She does a terrific job whether she is looking to help you build your brand, get your name out there or just do photography for events, brochures, etc. Talk to Irina, she understands marketing and she understands how to do a great job. I highly recommend her. 5 stars! Thank you.

"A typical day of appraising"

Shari Mesh, Mesh Appraisal Services:

“I was very excited to be able to define my personal brand and very happy with Irina’s attention to detail and with the outcome of the final product.

I would recommend Irina to other entrepreneurs and have already done so. Irina was able to effectively explain the benefit of personal brand photography and how it could help me reach my goals.

Thank you so much, Irina. I had a wonderful experience and am so happy I decided to do the story session with you. I am looking forward to getting my website updated with these images and am thankful for all your advice, help, and expertise.”

"The go-to dentist"

Dr. Cara Schantz, CNS Dental:

“I used Irina for photos for my office and website. She was great to work with — it was a very long day but she stuck with me the entire time until I had photos that I was really happy with . We switched locations a  few times and she was completely flexible with it! She stayed with me as long as needed.”

"A day of a professional model"

Anthony Thomas, a professional model

“Before hiring a photographer I was concerned about cost and flexibility. After finding Irina, I felt much more at ease. She did make me feel comfortable throughout the process. The pictures came out great! My concerns weren’t even an issue”

"A composer and his music"

Eduard Nazarov, a composer,

“It was a pleasure working with Irina! She was very professional from start to finish. She made me feel relaxed in front of the camera during the photo session. The photographs turned out to be great! “

"A craft day"


“Irina managed to build trust prior to the session – thanks to thorough preparation. By the time I met her in person, I felt like we’d known each other for a long time. At first, I felt a bit camera-shy but then stopped noticing the camera at all! The pictures turned out to be bright and full of emotions.”

"Home happiness"

Austin and Flora:

“We definitely recommend Irina because of her talent and warm personality. With her guidance we felt very comfortable in front of the camera. We loved the final photos!”